lundi 10 décembre 2012

How trying to work on your computer leads you to total (and stupid) procrastination

Good evening everybody !
So we all agree that computers and internet are great. Otherwise you won't be reading this blog, I can't imagine how difficult that should be. No but I mean even and mostly for work, it is incredibly helping ! Richer papers with all the internet discoveries you would not have to be patient enough to find in books, the time you spare by taping, the pain you avoid for your wrist... Definitly, best invention ever.

BUT (because there's always a but), there are these moments when you are supposed to work and you have the most stupid idea ever : looking up something stupid on the internet or starting watching a video on youtube. And then, you know you'll never get this work done for tomorrow.

So these are a few results from my recent procrastination :

Wonder how I would react in such a situation... 

I seriously can't forget that one. I could watch it for days. I tried to ask
my father one for Christmas. Wonder why the HELL it did not
work. Anyway, it's a protected specie...too bad.


Still not working, sometimes you do find REALLY interesting websites. Not that these last videos were not very cool (indeed theyt are) but I think I'd loose all my credit by constantly posting shit up. Excuse my vulgarity.

And finally, you know it is time to go to bed when you end up on that kind of website. 
However, I actually clicked on and on without caring less about the fact that I was probably doing the most stupid thing ever, next to what my philosophy paper was like...SO unattractive. 
Make sure you click enough not to miss the extremly disturbing dog race. Don't do drugs anymore, and stay on that page forever. Peace.

> > GOOD NIGHT ! < <

After what I've posted, you'll never be able to sleep tonight ;)